DCPM02 is a Digital be directional metering system intended to use in a DC measurement solutions.
It is suitable for cabinets or any DIN rail places. It has possibility to work with different external current sensor as Shunts and Hall-Effect current sensors or DC CT. DCPM02 is compatible with SCADA. The settings of the controller are accessible by buttons on the front panel or software tool.


Voltage: 0-300 V DC
Current Input: 0-300 mV DC, Hall-effect sensor, 0 – (5)10 V or custom order
Measurements:  Voltage , Current, DC Power Export – W, KW, MW, DC Power Import – W, KW, MW, Voltage Average, Current Average, DC Power Average, Efficiency Average %, Efficiency Total %, Total Power Export – Wh, KWh, MWh, Total Power Import – Wh, KWh, MWh, Real Time Clock – dd,mm,yyyy, hh,mm
Accuracy: Voltage – 0.1%, Current – 0.1%
Display: 2 x 8 monochromatic LCD display, LED for Manual configuration mode, Data Transfer LED, Controlled Back Light
Serial Port: RS232/485/422
Protocol: Modbus RTU Slave
Power supply: 80-265V AC/DC
Operating temperature: -20 to 60 oC
Humidity: 0 – 90% RH without condense
Dimensions: 45 x 78 x 104 mm

Configuration software