DCPM02 RSE is a Digital be directional metering system intended to use in a DC measurement solutions.
It is suitable for cabinets or any panels in control rooms. It has possibility to work with external current sensor as Shunts. DCPM02 is compatible with SCADA. The settings of the controller are accessible by buttons on the front panel or by software tool.


Voltage: 0-300 V DC
Current Input: Shunt 0-300 mV DC
Measurements:  Voltage , Current, DC Power Export – W, KW, MW, DC Power Import – W, KW, MW, Voltage Average, Current Average, DC Power Average, Efficiency Average %, Efficiency Total %, Total Power Export – Wh, KWh, MWh, Total Power Import – Wh, KWh, MWh, Real Time Clock – dd,mm,yyyy, hh,mm
Accuracy: Voltage – 0.1%, Current – 0.1%
Display:  2 x 8 monochromatic LCD display, LED for Manual configuration mode, Data Tranmition LED, Controlled Back Light
Serial Port: RS232/485/422
Protocol: Modbus RTU Slave,LAN Port: Client/Server, Modbus TCP
Power supply: 80-265V AC/DC
Operating temperature: -20 to 60 oC
Humidity: 0 – 90% RH without condense
Dimensions: 96 x 88 x 119 mm

Configuration software