PI102 is a 4-channel process indicator intended to use in control panel solutions. The information shown on the LED display is send by serial port. For customers are accessible four data registers. It can be switch to the display by software commands. All kind settings are settable by software tool. PI102 has 3 relay Outputs (or Solid State Relays). Display of the indicator is 5 digits, 7- segments LED. The Controller is compatible with SCADA systems.


Function modes: Four switchable data registers
Display : LED Seven segments, 5 digits 10 or 15 mm, brightness controlled
Serial Port: RS232/485/422
Protocol: Modbus RTU
Dimensions: DIN 72x36x119, 96x48x119
Power supply: 80-265V AC/DC
Power down detector: 500 mS delay before data save
Settings: By Software tool or manually by Front panel buttons