Repeater RPT485 is for use in systems, working with the communication interface RS485. It is a two-way amplifier and is completely “transparent” in regards to the devices, connected to the highway. RPT485 is extremely suitable for lengthening communication highways through their segmentation in sections of 4000 ft (1200m.) each. Another very important application of the repeater is the construction of branched highways, which leads to considerable reduction in the expenses for laying cables. In addition, it can be used when necessary to increase the number of the devices, connected to the highway.  The standard version allows connecting up to 120 devices at a speed of up to 2.5 Ìb. It has inbuilt two-input power supply, 24-48V AC/DC or 85-265V AC/DC, according to the needs of the consumer. To protect the Repeater from over-voltage of any kind, cascade defences are inbuilt for the two ways of the lane, as well as on the two inputs of the power supply.