UHP05ST is a Smart Transmitter intended to use in single channel control measurements with up to four Analog Outputs 0 -20 mA – all usable ranges. All kind of measurement modes are settable by external setting module or software tool. UHP05T has in build temperature compensation for TC measurements. The Transmitter is compatible with SCADA systems.


Function modes: Pt100, TC, 0-20 mA, Conversion and Inversion
Analog Inputs:One – Pt100, TC –B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T, HK, Current 0 (4) – 20 mA
Accuracy: Current – 0.02%, Pt100 – 0.05, TC max 1%
Temperature drifts: 2 – 15 ppm
Integrated non linearity: 6 ppm
Input ADC: 24 bit – ΔΣ modulator
Sample time: 200 mS
Input Sensor malfunction: LED indicators
Analog Outputs: Up to four, on chip galvanic insulated – 0(4)-20 mA
Output DAC: 16 bits
Accuracy Analog Output: 0.15%
Reputability: 0.01%
Serial Port: RS232/485
Connector: RJ45
Protocol: Modbus RTU
Dimensions: DIN rail – 22x120x114
Power supply: 80-265V AC/DC
Consumption:100 – 284 mA
Working temperature: -40 – 100oC
Humidity: 0-90% without condense
Settings: By Software tool or manually by Front panel buttons

Configuration software